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Use of high shear emulsifying tank
来源: | 作者:industrial-85 | 发布时间: 2022-01-06 | 813 次浏览 | 分享到:

High shear emulsifying tank is a very important emulsifying equipment in modern industrial production, widely used in food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and papermaking industries. Emulsifying tank can disperse and emulsify materials at high speed, so that different materials can be evenly mixed to obtain uniform liquid. At the same time, emulsifying tank also has the function of heating, cooling, heat preservation and stirring. The tank is designed with a feed port, a discharge port and a pure process nozzle, such as the nozzle can provide all the conditions of emulsification process.

Emulsification: Emulsification is used mainly for two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water. Oil and water do not coalesce under natural conditions and require high shear forces. Oil and water can be mixed by emulsification through the action of emulsifying tank and emulsifier, and a stable emulsification state can be achieved.

High shear emulsifying tank can perform key functions such as high speed mixing, dispersion and emulsification of materials so that two or more materials can be dispersed and mixed to achieve uniform operation.

Mixing effect: High shear emulsifying tank can be called high speed mixing device, which can thoroughly mix materials at the speed of 2800rpm, improving the mixing quality of materials and improving the production efficiency.

High shear emulsifying tank is a high performance homogenizing and emulsifying equipment for continuous production or circulating treatment of materials that need to be dispersed, emulsified and broken. When the rotor is running at high speed, it produces a great centrifugal force, and the rotary shear force generated by the stator's relative movement, under the action of a variety of forces, the material is homogenized.