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Design principle of transmission device of stainless steel stirring tank
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The structure of stainless steel mixing tank is usually composed of heat transfer device, transmission device, mixing device, etc. The transmission device of stainless steel mixing tank includes motor, transmission, coupling, bearing and frame, etc. The mixing drive mechanism usually adopts the combination of motor and transmission or the motor with frequency converter, so that the mixing can reach the required speed.

The stirring shaft of stainless steel stirring tank is usually driven by an electric motor. Because the speed of mixing equipment is generally low, the motor is combined with the transmission in most cases, and sometimes the frequency converter is used to speed directly. To this end, when choosing a motor, special consideration should be given to the matching problem with the transmission. The function of the stainless steel mixing tank drive device is to make the mixing shaft rotate at the required speed and ensure that the mixing shaft gets the required torque. In most agitator equipment, there is only one agitator shaft and the agitator rotates in one direction at a constant speed.

Stainless steel mixing tank in order to eliminate the liquid stirring container swirling phenomenon, so that the liquid is stirred up and down to achieve uniform mixing, usually need to stir the container with a baffle, the width of the baffle is about 1/10 of the diameter of the container.