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The difference between multifunctional stirring tank and ordinary stirring tank
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Stainless steel stirring tank is sometimes called stirring tank, stirring tank has ordinary stirring tank, multi-function stirring tank, vacuum stirring tank, electric heating stirring tank and so on, today give you a detailed explanation of the difference between multi-function stirring tank and ordinary stirring tank.

Structure: ordinary stirring tank structure is simple and multi-functional stirring tank is more complex, mainly different from the configuration of the stirring system.

Mixer quantity: the multi-functional mixing tank is three sets of mixing system, mixing, dispersing, emulsifying or scraping the wall mixing, dispersing, mixing system in the two combinations can be operated separately; The ordinary stirring tank only has a set of agitator.

Function: multi-function mixing tank is the ideal mixing equipment, the same medium in the same time to get the mixing uniformity and fineness is obviously higher than the ordinary stirrer.

Energy consumption: the multi-functional stirring tank has three sets of stirring systems, the total driving power is much higher than ordinary stirring tank, high energy consumption.

Cost: multi-functional mixing tank compared with ordinary mixing tank more than two sets of mixing system, the same specifications of multi-functional mixing tank price is higher than ordinary mixing tank.

Understand the difference between multi-function mixing tank and ordinary mixing tank, customers can choose stainless steel mixing tank according to their own production process characteristics when ordering mixing tank. Stainless steel mixing tank equipment can be customized according to customer needs.