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Daily maintenance of stainless steel mixing tank
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Stainless steel stirring tank is used in the production process of heating stirring, mixing, homogenization, storage, widely used in pharmaceutical, dairy products, cosmetics, beverage factories, daily chemical industry and other industries. The cleaning and daily maintenance of stainless steel mixing tank is very important, but there are many customers are not particularly clear or understand, so in order to make everyone easy to understand the cleaning and daily maintenance of stainless steel mixing tank related knowledge, let me introduce you.

Because the long-term use of stainless steel mixing tank will also produce some dirt, this time needs to be cleaned regularly, cleaning staff should wear anti-virus tools, and cleaning time should not be too long, take turns to work, better protect personal safety.

1, stainless steel stirring tank before use, the tank must be ironed with light hot water, and then washed clean with steam disinfection treatment. All kinds of materials into the tank, need to be fixed on the tank cover of the material tube, or open the tank cover into the input material should not be too full, so as not to stir the material splash, resulting in environmental unsanitary or loss.

2, proportioned into the tank, to be filled, and then start the motor, generally 3-5 minutes later, stir evenly, open the plug valve feeding, waiting for the next feed.

3, before cleaning work, be sure to discharge all the liquid stored before, but also wait for the stainless steel mixing tank to cool completely, in the cleaning work, rinse with warm water first, remove the material adhered to the tank wall, and then use 40 deG C -50 DEG C alkali water will carefully clean the tank again.

4, do not use steel tools to deal with the residual liquid in the stainless steel mixing tank, try to choose plastic or wood tools.

5, when the stainless steel mixing tank cleaning is completed, but also to do the corresponding anti-rust, anti-corrosion work, avoid stainless steel mixing tank oxidation reaction, often clean the tank, keep the surface clean, the liner to keep bright, in order to achieve the purpose of durability.

6, stainless steel mixing tank should be strictly in accordance with the product nameplate calibration of the working pressure and working temperature operation, so as not to cause damage to the stainless steel tank and personal danger.

7. In case of metal impact noise when the machine is running, the gap between the stirring blade and the stirring pot should be checked first.

8, stainless steel mixing tank electrical control instrument should be operated by special personnel, and set overload protection facilities according to the provisions.

9. If the mixing tank is in use, there are small faults, you can first eliminate the reasons, and call the manufacturer for consultation at any time if necessary.