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What are the design steps of stainless steel mixing tank?
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In some occasions, stirring tank played a great use, is widely used in food, chemistry, medical and other aspects. At present, there are many kinds of mixing tanks on the market, and the different kinds of mixing tanks have their characteristics. Stainless steel mixing tank can be designed according to the process requirements of users' products, one to meet different process and production needs, so what are the steps of mixing tank design?

The purpose of the design must be clearly defined first. The main function of the mixing tank is of course to stir the mixed material, to the effect of homogenization. Different occasions will have different requirements for the handling capacity of materials, but most of them will not be very different.In addition, the design should pay attention to the overall characteristics of the material, including physical characteristics and chemical characteristics, such as the solubility of the material, whether it belongs to flammable and explosive goods, viscosity, specific gravity...... These must be paid attention to in the design, because the material is different, the design of the device will be different, will also affect the service life of the mixing tank.

Also worth noting is the type of mixing tank. Because different stirring tanks are selected on different occasions, the effect can also be seen in the mixing. Generally, vertical stirring tanks are mostly used. When designing, we must consult more information about stirring tanks, understand thoroughly, and then design and manufacture. There is also the design to pay attention to the working pressure, temperature, the relevant parameters have to indicate. And the electric power of the mixing tank, remember to pay attention to the loss of shaft seal and transmission device. There is to meet the conditions and strength of the case, confirm the strength of the other opening position is in line with the requirements.

Finally to remember it for the cost of evaluation, the general customers are willing to pay a minimum price to buy the best goods, so in the case of meet the technological requirements, as far as possible let it conforms to the index, without having to spend too much cost, the cost must include not only the processing costs, and installation and maintenance and repair of the late fees.