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What is good for discharging valve of stainless steel reaction kettle?
来源: | 作者:industrial-85 | 发布时间: 2022-01-13 | 1157 次浏览 | 分享到:

What is good for discharging valve of stainless steel reaction kettle? Recently, received some customers' consultation, there are a lot of questions about the discharge port at the bottom of the stainless steel reactor. According to this situation, we will explain the valve type and choice of the discharge port of the stainless steel reactor.

First of all, to understand the actual discharge in production, is to use gravity discharge or stainless steel reaction kettle external material with self-priming pump, self-respect is the basic reaction after directly into the barrels, and the circulating pump can give stainless steel reaction kettle a cycle, use of material inside the kettle mixer fully mix, the discharging mouth generally USES fast loading ball valve can be, Material SUS304 or 316L, generally strict requirements for health will use health, such as food, medicine, biological engineering and other industries, but this material is close to the liquid, its liquidity is better, will not cause the discharge port plug, stick to the wall; If the material is more viscous and contains solid particles, in the process of mixing belongs to the closed, then the use of quick loading or threaded valve; If the material in the valve take over in the stainless steel reaction kettle stirring is not easy to be stirred evenly, containing solid particles are insoluble, then we recommend that you choose the next expansion feeding valve, this structure of the valve is closed and the reaction kettle under the head into a plane structure, good sealing, no dead corner, easy to discharge. However, this price is more expensive than ordinary ball valves, material SUS304 and 316L stainless steel.