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Electric lifting emulsifier using steps
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Electric lifting emulsifier is composed of electric hydraulic lifting bracket and emulsifying head. The emulsifying head is hung on the lifting bracket, which is convenient for emulsifying different batches of raw materials. When refueling, only the emulsifying head is raised, the emulsified liquid is removed, and the raw materials need to be emulsified can be replaced, which is very convenient to use.

The use of electric lifting emulsifier steps:

1. Before starting the machine, reduce the emulsifying head of the emulsifying machine to an appropriate position, add the liquid material, adjust the position of the emulsifying head, and immerse the emulsifying head below the liquid level;

2. Open the emulsifying machine and adjust the speed;

3, add other materials, adjust the speed;

4, maintain a certain speed, continuous operation for a certain time;

5. Stop the machine, observe and check the emulsifying effect;

6. End of emulsification;

7. Stop the machine, raise the emulsifying head above the container and pull out the container;

8. Clean the emulsifying machine, emulsifying head and container.

Electric lifting emulsifying machine has very good stability and reasonable mechanical structure, its good processing technology has been praised by many customers, high shear emulsifying machine has an important use in many chemical fields, is currently used more widely chemical equipment, is one of the commonly used chemical equipment.